Three steps you can take to speed up the process of renovating your home

If you intend to give your home a makeover, here are some steps you can take to speed up the renovation process: 

Order your building materials well in advance

If you want to renovate your home quickly and efficiently, it is important to make sure that your construction crew has all of the building materials they will need to carry out their work.

To do this, you will need to order these materials well in advance (that is, at least a few weeks before your renovation project is due to get underway).

If you wait until a few days before the construction crew are due to arrive before you begin the ordering process, you may find that some of the items you require are out of stock, or that they will take longer than you expected to be delivered (due to, for example, adverse weather conditions).

This type of delay would almost certainly impede the progress of your project.

Hire a team of residential painters

Renovating a house can be quite costly. As such, you might be thinking about carrying out some of the less complex work yourself, in order to save some money.

However, if your main priority is completing the renovation project on time, it is not advisable to do the paintwork yourself.

In this situation, it would be far wiser to arrange for a company in your area that offers residential painting services to perform this task. Professional painters will have the expertise, the tools and the experience needed to paint your home quickly and to a high standard. A room that might take you two days to paint could be completed by a professional in half that time.

Move out when the work gets underway

It's important to be aware of the fact that your presence in the property during the renovation process could have a negative impact on the speed at which it progresses.

If you choose to remain in your home, your construction crew will have to take your needs into consideration when deciding how and when to perform specific tasks. This could end up extending the length of the project.

For example, if you need to use your washing machine, your construction crew would not be able to continue renovating the bathroom until the wash cycle has finished, as they would need to turn your house's water supply off before they could perform work in this area.

Similarly, if you need a quiet environment because you have to work or study, your construction team might have to wait until you are finished before they can begin using their noisy power tools.

As such, if you are determined to have your home renovated as quickly as possible, it's best to move out so that your construction team can carry out their work without any interruptions.

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