Why the design of your scaffolding matters

It is always important to obtain the right tool for the job. You must resist the temptation to select a budget item or something that is 'almost right'. It's not a good business investment if the tool doesn't have the power to complete the job properly or even worse, it lacks some important safety function that will keep you safe while completing the job. One area where safety is particularly important is scaffolding design.

Put safety first

Choosing the right scaffolding is essential to protect you and any other workers when engaged on a task at height. Only consider scaffolding that is built to fully comply with all relevant safety standards. If you are not certain exactly what the scaffolding will look like when assembled, or what features are included with the scaffolding then make sure you ask your supplier. Look for safety features including;

  • Platforms being supplied with the tower,

  • Stabilisers supplied with the tower

  • Safe guardrails included as standard

Next, think about the weight the scaffolding must bear. It must be well adapted to supporting not just your weight, but the weight of your equipment and all the workers likely to use it at one time.

Why do you need a scaffolding tower?

Knowing why you need the tower and how it will be used will ensure that you choose scaffolding that is suited to your requirements. The needs of a roofer are very different to the requirements of someone doing rendering. Your tower must be suited to the task you are undertaking. Don't try and 'make do' it will only end in disaster.

Know how to use the tower

Picking a safe scaffolding design is important, but knowing how to safely use the tower is equally important. Make sure that your chosen scaffolding comes with full user instructions supplied as standard. Ensure that you understand how to assemble, move, use, and disassemble the scaffolding tower safely. It is better to ask questions, and to clarify anything you are unsure of, rather than guessing and making a mistake that results in injury, or even death.

By choosing the tower that is right for your job you know that you will be able to work safely at height, and that the job can be completed without endangering you or anyone else in the vicinity. You can also be sure that you have a scaffolding tower that is perfectly adapted to allow you to complete the job quickly without unnecessary delays.


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