What to Know about Moving Into a Developing Subdivision

There are many subdivisions that decide, at some point in development, enough homes are built to start selling the lots and homes. You may have found a home in a subdivision development that is in the process of still being built. There are a few things you should know about moving into a developing subdivision, especially if you choose a home in an area that has empty lots surrounding it. Here are a few of the things you should know and how they will affect you directly.

Property Surveys

When you think about engineering surveys for your property, you may think in terms of the boundaries of the land and acreage. Keep in mind that developing subdivisions tend to survey the land out into lots of a specific size. The size of the lot may vary depending on the project scope for the completed subdivision plans. The survey may also be for engineering purposes to show where new homes can be built, underground lines, and plumbing for the subdivision. You will need this survey when it comes to determining your land boundaries since lots next to and behind you may not be clearly marked or developed.

Construction Hours

One aspect to consider is the construction hours and how they will affect your life. Though it is common knowledge that construction will be happening since the subdivision is developing, you may not think about how this will affect you directly. If you have small children that nap if you work nights and sleep days, or if you work from home and need a quiet environment then the construction time may interfere with this. You may want to consider how long construction near you would be happening and ways that you can avoid it affecting your daily routine before you choose a home with empty lots around it versus a more populated completely constructed area.

Regulations for the Subdivision

A consideration that affects many people, but they overlook until it is too late, are the regulations for the subdivision. As the subdivision develops, you may find that regulations regarding your property and maintenance change. For example, you may find that as people move into the lots near you, issues such as noise pollution laws and leash laws become more prevalent. Make sure when you move into the neighborhood that you ask what regulations will affect you in the subdivision now and after the development is completed.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can ensure that you are prepared for a few of the things that may occur when you move into a developing subdivision. If you have any questions about your land markings, purchasing more lots, or structures on your property make sure to ask the subdivision development team. 

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