3 Options to Consider for Your Custom Made Security Doors

Adding security doors to your home is a feature that many homeowners find comforting. The misconception about security doors for your home is that you have to sacrifice design for security functionality. The truth is, you can have both with a custom security door option. Here are three options to consider with your custom made security doors that will give you both beauty and functionality.

Key Card Option

One of the aspects of traditional security doors that tend to turn people away is the very noticeable security key lock feature. Traditional security doors either have a large lock system or a keypad entry system. This is very noticeable and may notify someone that you have something in your home that needs to be secured. This can put burglars on alert to mark your home as a possible big money theft. If you want to hide the fact that you have a security door and system, one way to do it is to use a key card option. This option can be placed on the side of the door and out of sight to passers-by. When you unlock the door, simply swipe or slide in your key card and the door will unlock.

Wrought Iron Designs

Wrought iron designs offer several benefits for custom made security doors. They give you a design option that you find appealing, add to your curb appeal, but they also offer additional security. Most custom-made security doors that use wrought iron designs are more durable and difficult to break into. Burglars want a door that is easy to bypass or break into. Wrought iron requires a great deal of work and time to cut through, not to mention tools that would be noticeable to passers-by as someone trying to break into the home.

Lighting Connection

A security feature that can be ideal for custom-made security doors is a lighting connection. What this means is that, if, for any reason, the door security and locks are bypassed the lighting will switch on. This may be a front porch light, interior lights, or both. When these kick on, you may have them connected to another security system that either sounds an alarm, notifies you to your smartphone, or notifies local authorities to a break in. The key point of this feature is that it is undetectable to someone outside of the home and does not detract from your curb appeal.

These are only three of the many options that are available to you for custom made security doors. If you have specific design ideas or security needs, take them with you to your security door specialist. They can help you with a final design and pricing.

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