Safe and Sound on the Ground: How to Keep Ground Floor Bedrooms Safe

If you are currently viewing properties to purchase or rent, you may have your eye on one that has ground floor bedrooms. No matter how desirable a property is, ground floor bedrooms are often a deal breaker. That's understandable since most burglars will try to enter a home through a ground floor window or door.

However, with careful planning, you can cause even the most determined burglar to think twice before setting foot anywhere near your home.

Get a Dog

Of course, not just any dog will do. A would-be thief will hardly be frightened by a yapping fox terrier. A German shepherd on the other hand, will send a thief packing with their tail between their legs. Not only are German shepherds intelligent, but they are also fiercely loyal and have a powerful bark.

Lay Gravel Around Your Home

Have you ever tried to walk quietly on a gravel driveway or path? Yes, it is all but impossible. Gravel pathways around your house and near your windows will convince burglars to stay away.

Employ Motion Sensor Lights

What happens if they somehow manage to bypass the gravel without alerting you or your dog? Carefully placed motion sensor lights will also help to put them off. Your dog is likely to react, too, if a burglar triggers a motion sensor light. Would anyone with bad intentions linger while bathed in bright light, with a nearby German shepherd barking at them?

Place CCTV Cameras in Plain Site

Many people choose to hide their CCTV cameras. However, when combined with various other security measures, visible CCTV systems are enough to put anyone off.

Install Door and Window Sensors

As an added layer of security, you can also install door and window sensors on every ground floor window and door. Sensors that are wired into a security system may take much longer to install, but unlike wireless sensors, their batteries will not run out and leave you defenceless.

Place Security Film on Windows

If the world's stealthiest burglar somehow manages to bypass all of the above security measures, a simple security film could scupper their efforts. Security films are shatter proof. If a burglar tries to break through one, they'll need to make a lot of noise.

So you see, although a completely defenceless ground floor is high risk, one with the above security measures is not. Get creative with your security. Make burglars shake their head and walk in the opposite direction. 

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