What's the Best Coating for Your Cooling Tower?

Corrosion in cooling towers or air handling units is a problem that must be addressed in a timely manner to prevent serious problems developing with HVAC systems. If you choose to leave corrosion in your cooling tower untreated, then the corrosion will endanger the internal steel substrates, and as it progresses it will encourage the growth of micro-aquatic bacteria, including Legionella, Pseudomonas, Biofilm and similar contamination in the tower.

Why does corrosion occur?

The most common cause of corrosion is that the coating on the internal surfaces of the cooling tower has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Sometimes it is the original infuse bonded powder coating that needs to be replaced, but in other cases, owners have had the cooling tower coated with an epoxy or with bitumen coating which lacks the right elongation properties or chemical resistance to cope with aggressive structures such as cooling towers.

Are there any other common problems with cooling towers?

One problem often experienced with cooling towers is the deterioration of the mastic between the joints. Over time, this mastic starts to lose elasticity, and the structure begins to leak. Only a quality cooling tower repair solution from a qualified expert offers a long-lasting solution to this problem. Don't try to effect a short-term repair. Look for a quality solution which offers a guarantee on all completed work.

What are the options for cooling tower repairs?

When looking for someone to undertake cooling tower repairs, it is important to ensure that they are able to complete repairs that will comply with the relevant guidelines and regulations. Your chosen repair must avoid using materials that will harbour or promote bacteria or offer nutrients that could encourage microbial growth. If the coating on your cooling tower has come to the end of its working life, it is time to consider the best solution for cooling tower repairs. You will want to find a tower coating solution that adheres well to steel and cures quickly even at low temperatures. It must have a long life, be easy to clean and require only minimal maintenance.

Talk to an expert today to discover the most appropriate material for your cooling tower repairs. Whether you have leaky joints or a coating that is expired, they will be able to guide you to the most effective solution to keep your cooling tower working safely and efficiently.

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