3 Green Living Options Every New Home Should Include

When you are working with a new home builder to design your dream home, the idea of green living may be on your mind. If you want to add some green living adjustments to your home, and ensure that you are saving on energy from day one, then there are a few options you can go with. These options can add to the appeal, comfort and budget of your lifestyle. Here are three of those green living options that every new home should include, especially yours. 

Solar Tankless Water Heater

A solar tankless water heater system is one upgrade that many homeowners consider. There are several reasons for this upgrade. One of the benefits to the upgrade is energy due to the fact you are not holding water and keeping it hot until it is being used. The water is heated as you use it and not held in a tank. Reduced home repairs is another reason for the choice. Since there is no tank holding a large amount of water, you don't have to worry about a massive water leak from a water tank.

Greywater System

A greywater system is one way to upgrade your new home and offer you a lower water bill as well. The greywater system takes rainwater and used water to process and send back into the home. This allows you to avoid using large amounts of fresh water for things like dishwashing and laundry and allows you to recycle the water safely. You can have the greywater system installed to connect to guttering so it captures rainwater as well as household water.

Bluetooth Connected Thermostat

You may not think about your thermostat when you go green. However, a Bluetooth connected thermostat can add a green living touch to your home fairly easily. These thermostats are highly programmable and can be adjusted from your phone from anywhere. This means that if the temperature changes drastically, you can adjust it from your phone while you are away. This means that you can keep your heating or cooling system from having to work harder to accommodate this temperature change.

These are only three of the most popular options you could go with. If you have other green living concerns for your home, take them to your new home contractor. They can help you layout the design plans and achieve what you are looking for with your green living new home.

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