Looking to Hire Equipment? Consider These Machines

For many construction projects, having access to the right equipment can be the difference between success and failure. Purchasing heavy industrial equipment for a single project is often cost-prohibitive for most project owners.

A much better option is equipment hire. Equipment hire allows them to access machinery that they otherwise would not be able to purchase for many different reasons. If you're wondering what type of equipment you can get during the hiring process, here is a sneak preview of the available options.


At a construction site, heavy items such as pipes, soil from digging, and concrete beams may need to be moved from one area to another. Excavators are useful for moving such items. They have a long arm with a bucket-shaped head that can collect materials such as earth and rocks in large amounts.

They can also hook onto concrete beams and panels to carry them across the construction site. Consult with your equipment hire services to see the types of excavators that they have available.


When you need power on your construction site, consider getting a bulldozer. Bulldozers are often used to push piles of earth for leveling or displacement purposes. They contain a flat blade that is wide and powerful enough to dig inside the earth and displace the soil.

Bulldozers are great for carrying out landscaping on the construction site in preparation for laying down foundations of structures.  


It would be impossible to lift heavy construction materials without the use of cranes. When considering equipment hire, make sure your hiring company has a variety of cranes for you to select from. Cranes use a system of hydraulic forces to lift heavy items such as metal and concrete beams, steel panels, and other machines.

They facilitate the construction of tall structures because they can lift the necessary components to many different heights.

Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders are the ultimate workhorses at a construction site. They are multifunctional machines that contain a flat panel at the front (similar to bulldozers) and a bucket-shaped arm at the back. The arm can be used to dig trenches, move earth and even place smaller beams into place. 

Backhoe loaders are great for medium-sized construction projects that require soil and rock to the dug out and moved almost simultaneously.

It is important to identify what tasks you will need to carry out at your site in advance so you can inquire about the best equipment hire to complete the job.

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