When Is It Imperative To Hire A Plumber?

After being a homeowner for a while, you may feel like you have some know-how when it comes to making minor repairs here and there around your house. Although this knowledge can come in handy when you experience inconveniences with your plumbing, you should also be wary of exclusively trying to fix all the plumbing issues that your experience. There are some scenarios where you would be better off calling a professional plumber to minimise the risk of property loss. Moreover, a DIY approach to every plumbing problem could also end up becoming a health hazard, such as when delaying with septic problems. Homeowners who fancy themselves adept at DIY fixes should read this article to know which situations would be imperative to hire a plumber.

You have developed a non-stop drip

Minor drips tend to be common, especially if you have just installed new equipment that requires a plumbing connection. In these instances, the typical solution is tightening of a seal to stop the water from leaking. However, if the dripping is non-stop after a period, it would be crucial to hire a plumber, or you could be at risk of water damage, spiking utility costs and so on. In some cases, the drip could be indicative of a worn out valve seat, and this would have to be professionally replaced. Your local plumber would have the necessary expertise and the specialised tools required to remedy this plumbing problem.

Drastic changes in your water pressure

Water pressure issues in your home can be incredibly frustrating and a huge inconvenience. Luckily, some water pressure problems simply stem from the fact that multiple faucets are being used such as running the dishwasher at the same time as taking a shower and you can manoeuvre around this. If you start to experience drastic changes in your water pressure yet you have not introduced any new appliances in the home, it could be a warning that your plumbing has developed a significant leak. Undetected leaks in the house should always be regarded as a plumbing emergency as they could cause extensive property damage before they are discovered.

You are embarking on new installations

A professional plumber should handle kitchen and bathroom remodels that would require the installation of new fixtures, tubs, sinks or any other fixture that would need a water connection. A misconception you may have is that the job only entails connecting to the water line but in truth, it is much more complicated as the plumber would have to ensure proper installation as well as securing of the seals. Moreover, you may even require a permit or some types of installations.

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