Features You Should Consider When Constructing Your Designer Pool

Having a pool constructed is not as easy as picking out a traditional design if you would like your pool to be an ornamental feature on your property. Moreover, having a designer pool constructed can also increase the value of your residence, so it could be worth the investment. Nonetheless, picking out features that will make your swimming pool stand out can seem overwhelming considering the numerous options that you could choose. The trick to making the right decisions would be discerning what would work best for your landscape and your lifestyle needs. The following are a few features that you could consider when constructing your designer pool.

A pool bar

Having a bar in your pool that people can swim up to can be an excellent addition for homeowners that have a proclivity to host and entertain people at their home. Your swim-up bar will be particularly popular during the summer, as you won't have to go indoors to cool off from the sweltering Australian sun. Instead, erect a shelter at one side of your pool that will allow people to be shaded from the heat while still being capable of splashing about in the water. You then can choose to install loungers, seats or both to accommodate your friends and loved ones.

A bridge with a spillway

A bridge is a functional addition for homeowners whose pool takes up a considerable amount of space in their yard. With a bridge, you do not have to compromise and have a small pool, as its placement would allow you to cross to various areas on your property. Alternatively, if you have a hot tub, you could install a bridge that leads to the tub for those occasions when you would prefer not to swim and would rather bypass the swimming pool altogether. To enhance the aesthetics of your bridge, you should incorporate a spillway into its structural design. This water feature will add depth to your bridge by spilling water back into the pool, and you could even install colour changing LED lights for an astounding effect.

An infinity edge

Some people may assume that you need to have an expansive swimming pool to pull off an infinity edge, but this is not true. If you have amazing views of your property, an infinity edge would be a great way of creating the illusion of your swimming pool extending into the landscape. Your designer pool builders will construct a thin edge at one of the sides of the pool so that there isn't any visible boundary. The water that spills over the edge is then redirected and filtered back into the pool water supply.

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