Building Customised Energy-Efficient Homes

With the increased risks of climate change, more innovations are being developed with a focus on energy efficiency and maximising the use of renewable energy sources. In line with these efforts, homes have not been left behind.

Custom homes are being designed to utilise less energy and to significantly reduce your energy bills. And because the home is a custom home, you still enjoy the benefits of selecting your desired floor plan, size, features and location.

Indeed, custom energy-efficient homes are growing in popularity among homeowners. They use special materials and an efficient building process that allows homeowners to save significantly on energy costs over time.

Many customised options to choose from

Just because the home is energy efficient does not mean it is not customisable. In fact, energy-efficient custom homes give you the option of selecting from multiple shapes, sizes and designs.

Whether you want a larger kitchen or extra rooms for the kids, all you have to do is work with the custom home builder to bring your ideas to life.

Efficiency and cost savings

An energy-efficient home allows you to save a lot in the long run. These homes are designed to use less energy. This means that your utility bills (gas, electric, water, etc.) will be much lower than what you're used to paying.

Because these homes incur minimal heating and cooling costs, you can install solar panels to generate even more energy for the home. The custom design also keeps you in control of how you want the property to look and function over the years.


Custom homes that are built for energy efficiency typically use better components than other similar structures. The timber used is more durable and of higher quality, while the walls are designed to be airtight. Roofing materials are also carefully chosen to last and to play their role in insulating the home.

You also have the opportunity to specifically select what materials you prefer to use to build the home, giving you more control over the design process.

A more comfortable internal environment

Most custom energy-efficient homes have specialised ventilation systems that are able to improve the quality of indoor air. These ventilation systems can filter out pollutants, humidity and mould spores to ensure that the air in the home is fresh and constantly circulating. The custom builders can put more focus on the vents, ducts and other air circulation mechanisms to ensure that you're always breathing in high-quality air.

Energy efficient homes also have better insulation than regular homes. Custom builders often ensure that the windows, doors, and walls are properly sealed to prevent the leaking of air and the resultant higher costs of HVAC systems running for too long.

Contact a custom home builder to learn more about your options.

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