Choosing the perfect town planners for your project

Just because you are in charge of a new development doesn't mean that you can do everything yourself. Creating a new development is a huge undertaking and you will need to build a team of skilled professionals to guide each area of the process from start to finish. At the start you will need an architect to create an initial design according to your specification but then you will also need a team of town planners on board to help move the complex planning application process forward.

Find an accredited planner

Town planning is a complicated business and you need to be sure that the town planners you employ have the right experience and skills to guide the project forward. Before appointing any town planners it is always advisable to look over past projects with which they have been involved. See if they have the right level of experience working with local authorities and handling detailed planning applications to carry your project through to completion. In addition to their experience you will also need to check that they have the correct formal accreditation and that they are properly insured for everything that they will be doing for you.

Look for the right specialism

Not all town planners are the same. Everyone has their own area of expertise, some planners concentrate on industrial planning, some do public sector work, while there are others that prefer to work with self-builders. If you need help with town planning you must find town planners who focus their business on projects that are similar to yours. They will be responsible for piloting your planning applications so it is essential that they understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and how to get there.

Build the personal relationship

It is important that your chosen town planners are on the same page as you in regard to the nature of your project but it is equally as important that you can establish a good working relationship with them. They will be the ones looking after your planning application and you must be confident that they fully grasp which parts of your project are essential, where compromises can be made if they must be made, and what the final outcome of the project should be. Having people to work with that you can trust to make the right decisions will make your job easier, and allow you to focus your time and energy on other areas of the project.

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