4 Key Considerations Before Constructing a Marina

People who are planning to construct marinas need to decide whether they will allow commercial ventures, such as cruises, to operate from those marinas. This article discusses some of the special provisions which should be planned for during construction so that the marina will serve those commercial ventures without inconveniencing the recreational users of the facility.

Separate Docking

Commercial ventures usually bring large numbers of people to a marina. For example, hundreds of people may go on a cruise from the marina. Such a large number of clients for the commercial venture can inconvenience your regular recreation clients (those who want to enjoy their boats in the comfort of the sheltered marina, for example). Having separate areas for the recreational clients and the commercial ventures can solve this problem since the "crowd" of the commercial users will be kept away from the other clients who prefer a less crowded environment. Your construction plans should therefore have a distinct area for each of these different groups.

Utility Metering Plans

How do you intend to charge for utilities, such as electricity and piped water? Commercial ventures usually require larger amounts of utilities because of the larger numbers involved. It is therefore wise for you to have separate metering so that the consumption habits of those commercial ventures don't eat into your profits. Sub-metering allows you to charge them for what they use. This saves you from using the revenues from other clients to subsidise the cost of having the commercial ventures at your marina.

Specialised Storage

It may also be necessary for you to think about the kinds of storage facilities you intend to avail at the marina if you plan to allow commercial ventures to operate out of that marina. Commercial ventures usually require more sophisticated storage facilities due to the large numbers of people that they serve. For example, you may need to avail special facilities into which the safety gear for the clients of the yacht charters can be stored during the off-season. The quantity of the gear can leave you with no room for the gear of your recreational clients, such as owners of smaller boats.

Parking Space

Consider how much parking space is available before you plan to construct your marina to accommodate commercial ventures. For example, do you have ample space to park hundreds of vehicles when people come to board a cruise ship for a trip which will last several days? Adjust your construction plans to cater for the large parking space required by the commercial ventures operating from that marina.

Take time and think about how you want your marina to be used once it is completed. Ask experts to develop designs which will suit those usage patterns which you envisage. The marina will then serve your clients without making any group to feel inconvenienced.

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