Metal Roofing Installation: Three Crucial Tips for Ensuring Weather-Tightness

If you are planning on installing metal roof panels over your home, you should hire roofing specialists for the construction project. In general, metal roofing is durable and resilient, and they will provide excellent protection for residential structures. However, if these building products are not installed correctly, the appearance of the roof will be compromised. Also, the incorrectly built roof will not provide the required water protection or general weather-tightness. Here are some practical tips to help you install your metal roof panels for optimal performance.

Inspect the Building

You should inspect the structural framing onto which the metal roof panels will be attached. Sometimes, the performance of the new roofing can be compromised by pre-existing problems in the underlying framework. If you proceed with the roofing installation before correcting the structural issues, the cost of repairing the roof in the future will be higher. You should have your roofing contractor check whether the trusses or steel frames are out of square. You should also ensure that the purlins are properly aligned. If there are any irregularities, you should commission adjustment or repairs before proceeding with the roofing installation.

Utilise the Best Panels

You should purchase the right metal panels for your roofing project. Choose high-quality products which meet the national standards, and they should be suited for your building for optimal performance. It is also important to protect the panels after purchase, especially if you are planning on storing them on the work site for a certain period. Often, roofing panels fail to perform as expected because of the damage sustained prior to installation. For example, wrinkled, dented and warped panels will not be weather-tight. Therefore, you should ensure that the panels are stored in a safe place. Also, they should be inspected prior to installation.

Choose the Correct Fasteners

Finally, you should choose the correct fasteners to hold the metal panels in place over the roofing framework. The wrong nails and screws can damage the panels, compromising their ability to provide ideal water protection. Under ideal circumstances, you should use the fasteners recommended by the roofing manufacturer. This course of action will minimise the risk of panel damage, and the fasteners will ensure that the metal roofing is held firmly in place. You should also ensure that these connectors are installed using the right tools and methods. If your fasteners are driven into the panels using the wrong techniques, the roofing might not provide complete weather-tightness.

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