Get the right pipework fitted for your business

Pipework installation is a job that requires the attention of a dedicated professional. Trying to undertake the task yourself is not a god idea, as there are far too many things that could potentially go wrong with the connections perhaps leading to flooding, or a more serious problem on your premises depending on what your pipes will be used to carry.

Find a qualified pipefitter

Talking through your needs with a qualified pipefitter is the best way to identify the correct pipework solution for your business. Look for a pipefitter that has handled similar projects in the past. Pipework installation varies a great deal across sectors. Some pipefitters have a lot of experience working in the transport or industrial sectors but have never had any experience installing pipework in the healthcare or banking industries. Since there is such variation in the type of pipework needed it makes sense to find someone who already has suitable experience and can complete the job quickly and efficiently.

What material will you use?

If you have existing pipework in situ that you don't want to replace then it probably makes sense to stick with the same piping material for the new installation. If you are installing a new line then you should talk to the pipefitter and see what material they suggest, and importantly, why they recommend it. You new pipes could be stainless steel, copper, carbon, or iron, and each has advantages for particular purposes. If you are fitting new pipework for an oil and gas installation your will be operating on very different installation principles compared to the installation of a chilled water system for your employee rest room. Ask your pipefitter to explain why their proposed solution is the perfect choice for your situation.

Do you need something special?

In most cases the pipework you need can be purchased directly 'off the shelf' but there will always be the occasional job that requires a part to be fabricated specifically for that purpose. In that situation you will need to track down a company that specialises in sheet metal fabrication. If you explain exactly what you need they will create exactly the part that you need to complete your pipework installation, so it is always better to fabricate the part you need, rather than struggling with a 'second best' solution.

Whatever your pipework requirements you must be confident that your chosen pipefitter can create exactly the pipework you need. Contact services such as Degree C Pty Ltd to learn more.

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