Why an artificial grass tennis court is right for you

Installing a tennis court at your home is a great way to keep yourself fit and to provide a fun activity that all the members of the family will enjoy. Why go to all the hassle of taking everyone done to your local tennis court when it is perfectly possible to fit your own tennis court at home?

If you decide to go ahead and fit a tennis court one of the first questions you will need to address with your tennis court builders is the type of surface you want to fit to the tennis court. You could opt for a synthetic clay surface but these can prove expensive to maintain and repair. Natural grass is great but you need the right climate for it to flourish, and sufficient time to maintain it. For most home-owners a more practical option is a synthetic grass tennis court. Here are the top three reasons you should ask your tennis court builders to create a synthetic grass court for you.

Artificial grass courts can be used in any weather

Don't make the mistake of thinking synthetic grass is slippery in the wet like natural grass. Synthetic grass is not only much less slippery underfoot when it is wet, it will also dry out quickly allowing you to resume interrupted games earlier than on a natural grass court.

Artificial grass offers a consistent playing surface

Unless it is meticulously tended natural grass can often become bumpy or uneven over time. By contrast, synthetic grass is designed to provide consistent ball play with a true bounce even after long hours of play. Synthetic grass can be a little slower to play than natural grass, but this offers players of all abilities the chance to perfect their skills with longer rallies and time to focus on technique.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

On a natural grass court it will not be long before the coloured lines begin to fade in the sunlight and the grass becomes damaged as the players spin and twist across the surface. On a synthetic surface there is no fading and the surface is designed to be sufficiently resilient for any level of play. Maintenance is generally restricted to regular brushing to keep the court in good condition and to prevent delamination.

Choosing the right surface for your home tennis court is essential but it is just the first step. Talk to your tennis court builders to find the perfect tennis court for your family.

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