Two steps to take if you want to create a durable commercial building

If you want the commercial structure you plan to build to be as durable as possible, you should take the following two steps.

Install fire doors

One highly effective way to ensure that your building stands the test of time is to fit fire doors inside it. As their name suggests, fire doors are made from a material which is fire-resistant. This means that they can withstand exposure to flames for an extended period of time before they begin to burn.

They also feature a special type of seal around their edges, which is designed to swell up when a nearby fire causes the room temperature to rise to a very high level. This expansion prevents the smoke generated by the fire from passing through the door.

If a fire breaks out in your building, this type of door could not only reduce the amount of smoke that nearby staff members inhale but could also help to prevent the smoke from damaging building itself.

This is important, as smoke can seep into the wall plaster, the flooring materials and the roof space and, in doing so, could give your commercial property a permanently putrid odour. If this should ever happen, you would most likely need to gut and replace the affected parts of the building.

Opt for a slate roof

Another step you can take during the construction process to make sure your building endures is to ask your contractor to use slate to construct the roof.

Slate is considered to be one of the most robust roofing materials available and can often last for over a century before it begins to deteriorate. It is durable enough to withstand forceful impact without shattering, meaning that if a tree falls on it or if it is exposed to cyclone winds, it will not usually sustain any major damage. Additionally, it is also a fire-resistant material and, as such, will probably remain standing even if your building catches on fire.

Choosing a robust roofing material of this kind is critical if you want your structure to last, as the roof plays a critical role in a building's structural stability.

If for example, you opt for cheaper roofing materials, the roof will be far more like to collapse during a storm or a fire. If this happens, the weight of these falling roof materials could damage the building's framework and completely destroy the flooring systems in the upper storeys.

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