Commercial Building Development: Should You Install Pile Foundations?

When building a commercial structure, it is essential for you to choose the best foundation for your development. In general, if the foundation of the building is unsuitable, the structure will not be stable, and it might not be approved for use. In addition, the cost of repair and maintenance might be too high. Therefore, you must evaluate your foundation options with guidance from your contractor for the best long-term outcome.

One of the important structural bases to consider for your development is a pile foundation. Pile foundations are deep foundations made of strong columns to transfer the building loads into the depths of the ground. This type of base is favourable for commercial construction because it can transfer the weight of the building to varying depths, guaranteeing stability. Here are simple guidelines to help you determine whether you should choose pile foundations.

Consider the Soil Condition

The condition of the soil on your development site will determine the ideal type of foundation for your new building. Therefore, you should commission a thorough investigation of the soil on your site before choosing your foundation. In general, pile foundations are perfect for your building if the soil in the upper layers is in poor condition. For instance, sandy soil cannot support a heavy structure. A pile will penetrate the ground and transfer the load to the stable, deep parts of the earth.

Evaluate the Water Table

You should check on the height of the underground water table on your property. This aspect is important when deciding whether to install piles in the foundation. Typically, if the water table is high, traditional excavation is not ideal. It will be difficult to build a firm base with the underground water issues. Pile foundations are suitable for your development in areas with high water table because the columns can be installed strategically beneath the unstable watery depth.

Think about the Load

Finally, it is imperative for you to consider the weight that will be exerted on your foundation after construction. Remember, the purpose of the foundation is bearing or supporting the weight and transferring it to the ground. If a foundation cannot withstand the pressure of a commercial structure, failure will occur. If you are building a heavy structure or the building is expected to have non-uniform loads, you should think about using a pile foundation. Piles can go deeper than a basic excavated base, so they can support more weight. In addition, the columns can be placed at varying depths to support uneven loads. 

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