5 Tips for Hiring Portable Toilets

Sanitation is a major concern in many construction sites. As such, most contractors chose to hire portable toilets to guarantee the comfort of their employees. This article discusses the various considerations that contractors should make during portable toilet hire

1. Find a suitable company. 

Your primary concern when looking for a portable toilet hire company should be reputation. Therefore, seek referrals from contractors who have hired portable toilets in the past. Besides, you can also look for companies with positive online reviews. The company should also have an operating licence from the local authorities. 

2. Understand the terms of hire. 

Contact a few companies and inquire about the terms of hire. These may include; 

  • Does the company transport portable toilets to and from the construction site?
  • How much does the company charge? When should payments be made?
  • Are there any extra or hidden charges? Some companies will charge you if they experience delays during delivery and collection.
  • Does the company service the toilets?
  • What is the company's policy regarding damages?
  • Do the restrooms have any form of insurance?  

Visit the company's premises and ensure that the toilets are in good condition. 

3. Choose a toilet. 

If you do not have running water in the area you intend to place the toilets, ensure that the toilets you hire have hand washing stations. Also, they should have lighting if you will have people working at night. Most portable toilet hire companies have a formula to determine how many units you require. Consider hiring large restroom trailers that have water and electrical connections.

4. Place the toilets.

The location you intend to place the portable toilets should be accessible to the vehicle carrying the facilities. Preferably, put the toilets in an area with a good amount of shade. If you place them in an open field, your employees could be uncomfortable during hot days. Besides, the toilets could produce foul odours. Place the restrooms away from the site in an area that offers people some privacy. 

5. Service the toilets. 

Employ staff to clean and replenish the toilet supplies. Portable toilets have a sensor to warn you when they are almost full. During emptying, most companies will disinfect the toilets using chemicals and hot water. Bacteria are also introduced into the system to break down the waste and prevent odours. During winter, salty brine is used to prevent the waste from freezing. Toilet repairs should be conducted during servicing.  

When hiring portable toilets, work with a reputable company, inquire about the terms of hire, choose a suitable toilet, strategically place the toilets, and conduct regular servicing. 

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