Use Lanscaping Bricks to Make Your Yard Magical for Children

Landscaping bricks can create all kinds of fun features and designs on your property. Trying to create a beautiful space but also want to appeal to your children? Then you may want to consider the following ideas.

Colourful Brick Walking Paths

Bricks can create walking paths through your property, but to turn a boring brick path into something that feels magical to a child's imagination, consider using colourful bricks. For example, take inspiration from the "Wizard of Oz" and create a yellow brick road that leads to a swing set or another play area. Call a professional to help with these bricklaying services.

Playful Patio

If you're planning to put in a brick patio, you may want to make the area appealing to children by combining your patio with a splash pad. Essentially with this option, you put in the brick patio, but you add special sprinklers around the edges or even embedded into the bricks. When you're not using the patio for adult activities, you can turn on the water and watch the kids frolic.

Enchanted Doorways

A big brick wall on your property can help to split up different areas of your yard, but if you really want to make the wall enchanting, consider putting a large wooden door in the brick wall. Alternatively, you may want to get really creative and put a drawbridge style door in your brick wall. This is even more magical if the draw bridge goes over a small waterway running through your yard.

Climbing Wall

Whether you have a brick retaining wall or any other type of brick wall, consider turning it into a climbing wall. Your contractor may have an idea of how to create hand and footholds out of the mortar or by orienting the bricks in special directions. Alternatively, you can put climbing wall kits that feature plastic hand and foot holds that you anchor into the wall.

Reading Nooks

Consider using bricks to build small benches in parts of your yard. Along the side of a patio next to a brick wall or underneath a tree are all perfect spots. Then, add some comfortable cushions to the brick bench, and voila — you have a fun reading nook or a place where your child can play games.


Bricks can also be great for building fire pits. Make sure you use heat-proof bricks rather than just general landscaping bricks. Then, you can gather around the fire, roast marshmallows, and enjoy family time together.


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