Finding the Cause of a Shower Leak

If you discover water stains on a ceiling in your home or anywhere near a bathroom shower, you don't want to ignore that leak or put off needed repairs. Your home's wood framework easily absorbs water from leaking pipes and other sources, softening and then cracking or splitting over time. Hazardous mould might also develop from a water leak, and will then simply grow and spread if left unchecked.

Your first step in repairing water leaks around a shower is finding the source of that leak! A professional plumber can often find the source of a shower leak somewhat quickly, but if you want to attempt a DIY repair or know what you might be facing by way of repair bills, note a few tips on how to locate the cause of a shower leak on your own.

Rule Out the Plumbing Fixtures

First, cover the shower floor drain with thick duct tape. Fill buckets or pans at the bathroom or kitchen sink, and use that water to fill the shower floor to capacity; do not turn on the showerhead or tub faucet! Let the water sit, and periodically check if you see any drips or new water stains forming. If you see new drips, then you can probably rule out the shower plumbing as the source of the leak.

Check the Drain

If you don't see new drips or water stains, your next step is to peel away some of the tape and let the water drain slowly. Check again for drips. If you notice fresh leaks, then you know that your shower drain needs replacing or new grout for a more watertight seal.

Check the Shower Grout

If the standing water in the shower empties without creating new drips or water stains, then the drain is probably watertight, and you can rule it out as the source of the leak. Your next step is to examine the grout along the shower walls. Note if any grout is brittle, cracked, peeling or outright missing! Examine the tiles as well for chips, cracks and other such damage.

Adding new shower grout is not always as easy as homeowners assume, and it's often good to have a plumber or contractor repair or replace damaged grout, broken tiles and other materials in the home's bathroom. A leaking shower grout repair professional can examine all areas of grout, caulk and other adhesives and note if new tile, along with new grout, will stop your home's water leak.

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