How to choose the right farm sheds for your land

Whatever the nature of your business, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of possessing adequate storage space. Farming is one industry where covered space is always at a premium. It is vital that you are able to properly protect all the tools and machinery that enable you to care for your land.

Why choose a custom-built farm shed?

When additional storage is needed, you could set out to build a new shed on your own. If you have the time and the skills, then there is nothing to stop you from ordering the materials and getting to work. In theory, you could soon create your perfect shed, but life is rarely that simple, and most farmers lack the time to supervise the construction process while still running a farm. Why not talk to your shed supplier, and see if they offer a project management service? This may be able to assist you with every aspect of shed construction from council approval to final handover.  

What do you need from your farm sheds?

When it comes to planning for new farm sheds there are two key parameters that must shape the type of shed you decide to buy.

1) Resilience

Any new farm shed must be built to last. It will need to be constructed of the right material so that it can withstand whatever conditions the Australian weather may bring to bear. You might decide that in many circumstances welded steel frames offer less potential for future problems than shed designs that incorporate nuts and bolts. You will also need to think about whether any shielding is needed and how your new shed will be impacted by the prevailing wind factor and the surrounding terrain.

2) Is the design suitable?

Having a robust shed design is important, but it won't help you unless the shed is an appropriate design to suit your purposes. Sheds can be used for industrial and commercial purposes as well as for farm sheds, so don't pick the first design you see. Depending on how the sheds will be used, two sheds of a similar size could have vastly different design. Perhaps you are in need of a shelter for your horse, for example? A shed could become the perfect, comfortable stall for your animal. If instead of animals you want to store hay or feed, then a large open bay which can accommodate farm machinery will be a high priority. Whatever you need it can be useful to speak with your farm shed suppliers so that they can create the perfect design to suit your purposes.

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