3 Reasons Why The More You Prep, The Better The Paint Finish

Now that the temperature is starting to cool down in Australia with the arrival of autumn, it is a great time to tackle those commercial painting tasks you've been putting off. Whether you wish to paint the inside, the outside or both the interior and exterior of your commercial business, there are a couple of preparation tasks that must be done before the commercial painter arrives to freshen up your look. Use these tips to make sure that all the necessary preparation is done before the painters arrive.

Choose A Cool Day

Your first preparation point is to decide when to book your commercial painter. Even though it is autumn, there are still heat factors which affect the paint finish. For example, at the beginning of autumn, hot days appear more often than not, and it is not wise for any painting to be done while summer heat is still around. The reason for this is that when the paint is applied in hot temperatures, the top of the paint dries before the bottom layers have a chance to. If the top layer dries too quickly, then you may experience blistered or flaking paint within months. To avoid this, choose to have the painting done later in the second half of autumn when there is more likely to be a run of cooler days.

Arrange Pressure Washing

For exterior painting, paint must be applied to a clean and dry surface. This means that before the commercial painter arrives, you must arrange for the outside of your business to be washed. Pressure washing is the fastest way to clean a building's outer walls to remove all dirt, oil, grease and grime before the primer paint coat is applied. Get the washing preparation done about a week before the painter is booked to allow the walls time to dry. If you skip this step, your painter cannot paint over existing dirt or grime because the paint will not effectively stick to the surface.

Patch The Damage

Thirdly, before the painting can commence, arrange for a local contractor to patch any damage to the walls such as holes or cracks. Taking the time to do this gives your painter a smooth flat surface to paint on, and that gives the best aesthetic result to a new paint job.

These preparation ideas help you to prepare your building ready for painting so that you get a desirable result which will last for years. Choosing not to prep means your paint finish will not last long and will then need to be done again, which is not a desirable outcome for this task.

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