Factors Affecting How Long Aluminium Shutters Last

Aluminium shutters have a long life span of up to 30 years. Yours can last shorter or longer depending on several factors, some of which are as highlighted.

Grade of Construction Material

There are different grades of aluminium, each unique in its characteristics. You can expect your aluminium shutters to last longer if constructed from a grade of aluminium that is very hard and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The hardness will ensure that your shutters can hold up well against high winds and the physical impact of an attempted break-in. Corrosion resistance is important in keeping your shutters looking their best as well as in preserving their structural integrity and function.

Harsh Weather

What is the weather like in your area? In reality, even premier-quality aluminium shutters may not hold up too well if they are exposed to extreme and harsh weather conditions on the regular. Aluminium is exceptionally durable, but high winds and severe hail can take their toll on your shutters.

You must gauge and factor in the weather extremes in your area when buying aluminium shutters. An expert's opinion will undoubtedly go a long way into ensuring that you choose what is best suited for your area.

Exposure to Other Elements

Apart from the natural elements, the other things that your aluminium shutters are exposed to on a regular basis will affect their longevity. In commercial and industrial settings, for example, exposure to abrasives and chemicals may lead to surface damage on your shutters. In this case, you may need to consider getting a replacement sooner rather than later.  

Quality of Installation

Just as crucial as your aluminium shutters themselves is the quality of workmanship that goes into their installation. Because aluminium contracts and expands accordingly, fastening the shutters too tight can lead to the screws popping and the shutters becoming distorted when these changes happen. Misalignment with the window is another common mistake to avoid when installing aluminium shutters.

Maintenance Schedule

Aluminium shutters are fairly maintenance-free. What you can do, however, is ensure that you clean and clear away debris from the shutters regularly. Lubricating the hinges and brackets will also ensure that your shutters perform at an optimal level and last longer. For added corrosion resistance, you should also apply a fresh coat of paint every few years.

If you buy top-grade shutters that are perfect for your area and install and maintain them properly, you can be sure that your aluminium shutters will last longer.

To learn more, contact a shutter supplier.

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