Upgrading Your Office Wiring and Power

When you move your business into a new office, it's a given that it will need some work done, and a fit-out is the best way to go about customising the space to fit your company's needs. Even if you're following a strict budget, make sure the fit-out provides you with what you really need and not just what you think you can get away with using at a bare minimum. This is especially true for the power supply as an inconvenient and inadequate supply can cause problems for you, especially in the future.

Finding a Power Socket Shouldn't Take Detective Work or Meters of Extension Cords

When you create the design documents for your office for the fit-out, think carefully about where you and all your workers need power sockets to be. Finding a socket shouldn't take crawling about on the floor or moving furniture to see if there's a socket available. People should be able to find sockets in their offices and cubicles easily, and in spots that make sense.

For example, an office with a glass front and a window in the back may have two sockets on each of the remaining two walls, one towards the centre of the wall and one towards the back, making it much easier to place desks, printers, and more. You also shouldn't have to rely on a lot of extension power cords to reach a socket.

Individual Gadgets May Use Little Power but You're Using More Gadgets

Individual gadgets, from computers to electric kettles, may be more power efficient now, but you are also likely using a lot more of these gadgets. Your office has to have an appropriate power supply available so that your workers aren't unplugging one thing to plug in another. Some gadgets are even using more and more power, such as those electric kettles. You don't want to have to worry about tripping a circuit and plunging your floor into darkness.

You Can't Risk Tripping a Circuit, for the Sake of Your Business

Another reason you don't want to have to worry about tripping circuits is that a power outage at your business—even if it's simple to stop when you reset a breaker switch—is an interruption you don't need. It looks unprofessional to clients and delays the completion of work. Not to mention it's simply annoying to have to reset breaker switches all the time.

Speak with an office fit-out company to learn what they can do to increase the power supply and power socket availability. Also ask about acoustic panels, stain-resistant carpeting, and more features that will make your office a nice place to be in.

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