Primary Variables That Influence the Costs of Concrete Removal

Although concrete is revered for the incredible strength and excellent durability it provides when used on construction projects, it doesn't last forever. At some point, it will get worn and need to be removed, either partially or completely, to pave the way for a remodel or a rebuild job respectively. This is where concrete removal contractors come in.

As the name suggests, these concrete contractors specialise in breaking concrete floors, pavements and other concrete surfaces. This is accomplished by using a variety of specialised methods and equipment.

Because every job is unique, concrete removal costs may vary from project to project depending on the specific requirements of each project. If you're planning a concrete removal project and are wondering which factors will impact the cost of your job, you've come to the right place.

Below are some of the main variables that may determine how much you'll be required to pay for concrete removal.

The Size of the Job

The amount of time and effort put into your concrete removal will affect the total cost of the project. The more time and effort that concrete contractors have to give to complete your project, the more they'll charge you for their services, and vice versa. 

Expect to pay more to have concrete removed from a large commercial parking lot than from your small home garage floor due to the larger square footage of work involved. It will also cost you more to remove concrete with rebar than concrete without rebar. This is because more time and effort are required to remove the steel in reinforced concrete.

Another factor that may affect the size of the job is the age of concrete. Older concrete is generally easier to remove than new concrete, which still hasn't lost much of its initial strength due to normal wear and tear.

The Amount of Concrete Waste Produced

If you want, concrete removal experts can help you remove concrete waste from your property. They will accomplish this by bringing a large skip bin to your property and having it hauled away after your concrete removal project is complete. This will help you clean up your site in preparation for use or the next job.

The more waste produced on your concrete removal project, the more it will cost you to have the concrete waste taken away from your property.

Concrete removal is a tough and dangerous task that requires professional handling to do properly and safely. With that said, it's in your best interest to let a specialist tackle your concrete removal project.

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