Why A Spray Seal Is So Important On Your Driveway

Whatever type of driveway you have, whether it be concrete or asphalt, you could definitely benefit from the results of driveway spray sealing. If you never had your driveway sealed when it was originally made, or you haven't had it updated in the decades that came since, you should consider organising this service in the near future. It can save you a lot of money in a number of different ways, but it is important to act quickly to make sure you maximise the benefits. Here are a few reasons why driveway spray sealing is so vital and how it saves you money.

Grippier Surface

Spray sealing generally involves the presence of a type of bitumen that holds in place the above layer of aggregate (whichever type it is you choose). This two-pronged approach makes for a very grippy surface that is hard for cars and bikes to skid on, even in intense rain and wet conditions. If you have trouble safely navigating your driveway on rainier days, then you should not wait until you finally do lose control and skid into a wall or an awning. Give your driveway the traction it needs to ensure that it presents a safe route for you to follow to shelter.


Any type of sealing will offer strength, especially if you currently don't have any. Spray sealing is great because, as aforementioned, it offers a two-pronged approach that gives you strength against liquids such as rain and oil spills, as well as compressive strength against the heavy tires of your vehicle. The appearance of potholes, cracking, slopes and other inconsistencies in your driveway is far lower when you have proper spray sealing applied. It doesn't take very long to set either, as driving on it can help push it into place, just make sure you always get a timeframe of when you can use it from the contractor you use.

Keep It Together

One of the main reasons driveways start looking bad after years of use without sealant is because they slowly start to decay and drift away. Whether you have a gravel driveway or just a plain old-fashioned dirt one, without sealant every material will get picked up by the elements and begin to move away. Even asphalt without sealant will crack off and the chips will fade into obscurity until you have large holes and a dangerous surface to drive on. If you want to make sure your driveway actually lasts, you need a spray sealant to hold it together. 

Contact a local asphalt contractor to learn more about bitumen spray sealing.

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