Get More From Your Land With a Land Surveyor

If you are considering buying land to commence a property development or for some other purpose, it's essential that you know as much as possible about the land before you part with your money. The best way to gain a full understanding of your prospective purchase is to work with a land surveyor. The surveyor can provide you with invaluable technical data about the plot. Here are four times that hiring a land surveyor could benefit you.

Are you developing the plot?

If you are planning to build on a piece of land, your chosen architects will want to know as much as possible about the land before they start work. They will need to understand not just the size and shape of the available plot but also the prevailing elevation and any topographical features that could impact their plans. By bringing in a land surveyor at the start of the planning stage, you can ensure that all the needed information is available from the start, and there will be no need for costly redesigns or changes part-way through the project.

Are you establishing the boundaries?

You might think that the boundaries of the land are clearly marked, but sometimes the situation on the ground does not reflect what is in the legal paperwork. If the boundaries aren't where you think they are, there is the potential for serious conflict with your neighbours. Conflict is also possible with your local planning department, if a building is constructed too close to your neighbour's land, or even over the boundary itself. A land surveyor can help you avoid all these complications and identify the limits of your property from the start.

Are you dividing the land?

Often, when you have a large piece of land, you will want to divide it to create smaller plots for residential or commercial development. Accurately dividing the land requires the services of a land surveyor. Ideally, you might want to allocate everyone a plot of the same size, but there can be natural features on the land that can make that difficult to achieve. Working with an experienced land surveyor is the easiest way to ensure that everyone gets a fair plot and that you make the best use of the available land.

Do you need to know what the land is worth?

There are times when you need to put an accurate valuation on your land, but determining that valuation isn't always easy to do. A property surveyor can look at the surrounding landscape, the position of your land, and relevant environmental factors before helping you settle on a fair value for the land.

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