4 Reasons Why You Might Need Land Surveying Services Before Construction

Before commencing any site development or construction project, you should conduct a land survey first. Land surveys offer critical information required for compliance with local building codes and municipal plans. It defines the correct placement of structures on a piece of land. However, surveys are more than just the surface. They specify information regarding overlays, protections and topographical, nautical, aerial and underground features. 

This post discusses several critical reasons why you might want to hire a professional land surveyor to conduct land surveying before commencing your development. Read on to learn about them below. 

You Want to Purchase a Plot of Land

Any construction project happens on a piece of land. If you don't have a site to conduct your construction project, you'll need to purchase one. However, performing a proper land survey before purchasing the property is crucial. 

Most financial institutions, including banks and lenders, might demand a comprehensive land survey report before financing your project. That's because surveys help determine the legal property delineations and boundaries. Besides, they help identify potential problems with the piece of land and assist construction teams and architects in designing a proper development plan. 

You Need to Erect a Fence

After purchasing a piece of land, you might want to set up a proper fence to secure it against illegal access. Excellent fencing will also promote good neighbourliness, preventing unnecessary legal disputes. By conducting a land survey, your land surveyor can define your boundary lines and determine whether it'll be feasible to erect the fence or not. 

Ideally, if you intend to split erection costs with your neighbour, you can install the fence along the boundary line. However, you should install the fencing on your property without crossing the boundary lines to avoid potential disputes.

You Want to Build a New Home

Regardless of the size of your home or plot, your construction project must never commence without conducting a land survey. As mentioned in the first point, financial institutions might require a land survey report to authorise funding. 

However, depending on your construction type, you might require this report for legal purposes. Regardless of the applicable scenario, your construction teams and architects might need the survey report to guarantee the feasibility of their construction plans on the property.

You Plan to Upgrade Your Home

Finally, another likely reason why you might need a land survey is when you want to extend or upgrade your existing home. In addition to ensuring that the proposed extension will be structurally viable, surveying is the only way to acquire construction permits from your local building council.

For more information on land surveying, contact a professional near you.

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