Period Homes for Rent – Is the Electrical System in Compliance?

If you're always on the lookout for an opportunity, you may be ready to invest in some residential properties so that you can rent them out to an eager marketplace. You know that you can earn good money if you do this the right way, and you also want to capitalise on the thirst for older or "period" homes in your area. All in all, your project should pay dividends as renters flock to the flats in your renovated Victorian building, but you do need to pay close attention to certain aspects. In particular, you may have to repair your electrical outlets so that they conform with government regulations. So what do you need to know?

Essential Upgrades

Older properties like these possess a certain amount of charm, simply because of their age. After all, some people like the tradition or the character and love to live in a place that takes them back to their younger years. The properties that you intend to buy may be perfect in this regard as they have not been renovated in any way, but in this case, the electrical installation will probably be out of date, and you will need to conduct repairs.

Safety First

Government agencies insist that safety switches are in place within any property that is advertised on the rental market, and you will need to repair the old-fashioned system so that it is in full conformity. After all, the switches are meant to protect the occupants in the event of a power overload, as they will automatically switch off power to the relevant circuit, and consequently, reduce the considerable risk of electric shock.

Safety Switch Options

There are many different types of safety switch, but they are all designed to detect an anomaly within a fraction of a second and to switch off the power until the issue can be rectified.

Some of them are designed to be fitted into the switchboard so that they can protect individual circuits. In this case, should an issue be detected at one outlet, then all outlets on that specific circuit will be isolated.

You may also be able to replace all your individual sockets with safety switches. In this case, the socket and any appliance connected to it will be turned off in the event of an issue. Some people choose to fit safety switches to sockets as well as to the switchboard for additional peace of mind.

Expert Help

You will want to ensure that your rental properties are perfectly fit for habitation, and you will definitely want to bring in professionals to help you make electrical repairs. In this case, make sure that you bring in a qualified electrician to conduct the repairs, and they will be able to give you a certificate of compliance at the end.

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