Two Reasons Why A Kitchen Designer Will Be Invaluable During Your Custom Build

When constructing a new kitchen, it may seem simpler to select all the hardware you need from your local store rather than have the items customised to your needs. Granted, this may be the cheapest way to go about furnishing your kitchen. Nonetheless, that does not mean it will be the best option. When you choose mass-produced hardware for your space, you are at a higher risk of regularly replacing these items due to premature wear. Moreover, it can be challenging to create a custom aesthetic when you have sourced all your kitchen furnishings from stock items. If you want your kitchen to be functional without losing its visual appeal, then you should hire a kitchen designer. Consider the following couple of reasons why a kitchen designer will be invaluable during your custom home build.

Custom concept

A custom home build presents you with the chance to have a forever home that reflects your style. Thus, rather than selecting a layout and items that are a staple in other homes, you should invest in the services of a kitchen designer who will come up with a custom concept for your specific kitchen. These professionals start by inquiring about what you envision for this type of space. For instance, if you like the breezy atmosphere of the beach, then the kitchen designer will focus on integrating coastal elements into the space such as pastel colours, sandstone flooring and more. Having this professional by your side will go a long way in conceptualising a unique aesthetic and successfully bring it to life.

Diverse vendors

The second reason why you should hire a kitchen design when constructing your custom kitchen is to ensure you have a vast selection of options when it comes to exceptional materials and artisanship. A reputable designer who has been in the business for a while will have contacts with a majority of the locally available vendors. This network of vendors accords you the opportunity to select exceptional materials that you may not be able to source from standardised products. Moreover, the hardware you want is tailor-made to your individual specifications. Thus, instead of going with conventional laminate cabinets, you can opt for hardwood joinery retrofitted with custom storage compartments. Alternatively, rather than tile splashbacks or ceramic benchtops, you have a selection of uniquely crafted hardware ranging from butcher-block benchtops to mosaic glass splashbacks. And once you have come up with the concept for your kitchen, the designer will guide you when selecting the right hardware from the different vendors.

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