3 Signs That Indicate It's Time for Tennis Court Repair Services

If you have a residential tennis court, regular use can give it a heavy beating. This means the court can degrade much faster than a less-used area if you don't schedule timely repairs. Most tennis courts degrade quickly because the owners don't fix the damaged areas at the right time or invest in routine maintenance.

However, it's hard to repair the court if you don't know when it's due for it. Sadly, some people wait to contact an expert to repair the court until it's excessively damaged. Knowing when you should repair your tennis court shouldn't be a daunting task. You just need to look for the following signs.

Bubbles on the Court Surface

The bubbles you see on the surface of your tennis court may not seem severe, but they can degrade it in a big way. If you don't find a way to fix the bubbles on the tennis court quickly, you may have severe water damage to fix with time. Most people don't take bubbles seriously because they usually appear as soft humps or blisters. 

Although the bubbles may look negligible and perhaps occur in some isolated areas, they may eventually render the court useless. The hollow sound they produce indicates there is space between the court's ground and surface. For this reason, you should get an expert to fix the problem before some annoying standing water pools start to appear on the surface.

Moisture Damage and Discoloured Surfaces

If your residential tennis court is discoloured, it's not in good shape and you should get an expert to work on it. The slippery dark green patches make the tennis court unsightly and also unsafe for the players. If you have some overhanging trees around your court, they are likely to shade it, and this may harm it. For instance, mildew is likely to grow in a shaded tennis court and discolour it in a big way. 

Also, if moisture takes longer to evaporate, the court can experience serious moisture damage that might sometimes lead to costly repairs. Although you could use water and some household bleaches to remove mildew on the court's surface, you should call in a specialist to repair it if it has serious discolouration.

You Can See Some Birdbaths

Birdbaths may not be a big problem in your garden areas. However, they can be a huge disaster for your tennis court. Can you easily identify birdbaths on your court? It's not hard. Birdbaths are usually some elongated depressions that appear on the surface. 

These depressions occur randomly, and they can hold some water puddles even when the other sections of your tennis court are dry. They indicate poor sloping that mainly occurs if the court wasn't properly paved. In this case, you should call in an expert to correct the sloping problem or resurface the entire tennis court.

If you don't know when you should contact a specialist for tennis court repair, just pay attention to the above three signs.

To learn more, contact a tennis court repair contractor.

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